About Jessee Carlton Fleenor

Jessee is a farmer and familyman who believes in a new vision for Louisiana.  One that is inclusive, vibrant, dynamic, and achievable.   Born and raised on a family farm Jessee knows the value of hard-work and respect for the land but has seen too many of his neighbors fall behind, despite all their struggle and diligence.  Its time to reinvigorate the American Dream and make sure every Louisiana citizen has a fair chance to succeed.


Family Farmer

Jessee Carlton Fleenor is part of a new generation of young American farmers who sell locally and strive for freshness,  He lives and works with three generations of his family in Loranger, Louisiana.  The only thing more important than good public policy to Jessee is his partner Amanda and their two (soon to be three!) children Kai (8) and Sia (5). 


Economic opportunity & Social Justice

Jessee believes  that it is not your salary and not your skin color that determines your worth, but your kindness, your empathy towards others and your desire to make the world a better place.   For too long District 5 has been “represented” by crooked aristocrats like Ralph Abraham, flying their private planes all over the state and cutting social services everywhere they land.   Jessee is here to put an end to this.


Hope for a better future

Jessee Carlton Fleenor is a new type of democrat.   One who is unafraid to stand up to special interests.  A local farmer and father who believes the common American family is at the heart of what makes this country so great.  A voice from our own community that will fight for a better future for the regular people of Louisiana.